The secret of a good carpoolrelation? Make agreements in advance!
We have 6 tips and tricks for you:


 The trajectory
Discuss the route beforehand. Are there possible detours that have to be made? For example, picking up children.

 The driver
Who drives? You can choose one driver who drives each time or you can drive alternately. You better don't change every day, but for example every week or month.

 Time schedule
Agree on a fixed time schedule and make arrangements about this. How long do you wait if someone is late? What should you do in case of unforeseen circumstances? Who should you inform in case of illness or car breakdown?

The compensation of the passenger(s) to the driver is determined entirely in mutual agreement and should be clearly agreed in advance. We recommend a fee of €0,10 per kilometre. For detours, our advice is € 0,30 per kilometre. It is best to make clear agreements in advance about a fixed payment plan (weekly, monthly,...). Click here for more info.

The driver is legally responsible for the safety of the other carpoolers. The driver has to drive carefully and make sure the car is well-maintained and safe.

Make sure you make clear agreements concerning smoking in the car, eating or drinking, radio … But especially enjoy a pleasant shared ride!